Implementing Social Distancing and Contact Tracing

12 May 2020
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As we begin the journey back to the full operation of our businesses, the one thing we will all have to address is how to put into place effective systems that comply with contact tracing and social distancing, without disrupting production or adding significant costs in an already financially difficult time.

Think... What have you already got at your fingertips that can be repurposed to cover off these new requirements? The answer could be your security system.

Many of you will already have access control for you staff and cameras in critical areas. You may also have thermal cameras that protect critical operative machinery and plant. By looking at the systems you already have in place, some or all of these new compliances may be covered off.

For example, if you have access control (swipe cards or fobs) then you may be able to generate a report from your system, to monitor who comes in and out of your building and how long they are there. This will let you know how many people were in a specific area and whether social distancing was being observed/maintained....  read more

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