The WPMA acts as an advocacy body for all its members.  In performing this role, WPMA has developed a close working relationship with industry regulators in central and regional government as well as governments in overseas markets.  The issues that we address usually have the characteristics of affecting all members (large and small) and running right across the value chain.  So, for example, product certification is an issue that impacts upon pulp and paper producers as much as its affects manufacturers of engineered wood products.  

WPMA’s scope of influence needs to cover three major sectors:  manufacturing, construction and primary industry (forestry).  To be effective across these three sectors WPMA works in close partnership with other advocacy groups that share similar issues with the wood products sector.  A good example here is influencing technical standards where we work in conjunction with the NZ Construction Industry Council.

Major issues that we are currently focused on include: standards, supply chain certification, traceability, illegal logging, health and safety, market access, biosecurity, energy, skills, science and technology.

Regional Meeting 18 November 2014