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The following Technical Service projects for Members include:

NZ Forest Standard: A new PEFC-endorsed standard for NZ as an alternative to the existing FSC Standard. NZFS is based on the Australian Forest Standard. WPMA (probably alongside FOA) will act as the secretariat for the NZFS charging a licence fee to members that wish to certify to the NZFS. The business model will mirror that operated in Australia by Australian Forestry Standard Limited and will ideally formally partner with AFS Ltd.

TQS: WPMA (alongside NZTIF) will own the licence for the TQS and operate the secretariat for the TQS. It will charge members for exclusive use of the brand backed up by independent verification. A national governance panel has already been put in place and the operating standards manuals (SOPs) already agreed. Work is now taking place on the legal set up of the TQS.

National Standards: National Standards: As of November 2014 the Government is re-structuring how National Standards will be administered. Whatever happens, it is most likely that WPMA will continue to be called upon to nominate suitably qualified representatives from member organisations to serve on Standards Committees, both New Zealand and joint Australia / New Zealand. WPMA representatives will be selected from WPMA Technical Committees. Click here to see how the WPMA Technical Committees are set up and the responsibilities of the representatives.

Benchmarking:The second sawmill benchmarking survey was completed in early 2013. Further benchmarking surveys will occur.

The following Marketing projects for members include:

Pinenz: A registered quality mark (launched in 2010) which is independently audited and certified (AsureQuality and JASANZ respectively). Via this mark finger jointed and laminated products are promoted direct to end users and specifiers in Australia (since 2010) and New Zealand beginning July 2013).


SolidWood: A registered brand, underpinning a generic promotional programme, advocating constructing solid timber buildings.  Contact the WPMA office for information:

NZ Pine Fire Facts Sheet

NZ Pine Quake Facts Sheet

Stratalam: A registered brand which underpins a generic promotional programme for Glulam manufacturers of engineered timber products.

Licenced Glulam Manufacturers in NZ
Stratalam Brand Guidelines

Generic Wood Promotion: A national information programme aimed at specifiers providing assurance on the fit-for-purpose nature of wood in sustainable construction in NZ.

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