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About the 2018 Awards

Stage One Entries Close Monday 5pm 30th April!


The 2018 NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards advise that

‘Stage One Entries’ extension for deadline, now Friday 5pm 4th May 2018!

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Previous Winners say…

Bernie O’Fagan of RM Designs talks with NZ Wood about the
effect winning has had on his business:

Has winning this award changed your company’s operations in any way?

Without doubt!

“We had a solution of fast, light weight structures for multi-level use, especially relevant in community or social housing.  Our commercial clients with an interest in this called to say, “How would that go here?” After that, it was word of mouth and we’ve had new clients come direct to us. Having the expertise on tap with our design partners, has made us stronger.”

Bernie O’Fagan

Winner of the Supreme Award 2017 Dr Andrew Barrie, M.Arch, D.Eng (Tokyo) Professor of Design at the University of Auckland, talked to NZ Wood about how he believes this project has shifted attitudes within the industry.

“I think there had been a suspicion that New Zealand was behind in the timber technology field,” said Dr Barrie. “What was achieved with Cathedral Grammar was not only something of a first for the country, but has probably moved local expectations up a step or two. It was amazing to see the very tight tolerances, initially thought laughable, achieved through very close collaboration between architects, engineers, fabricators, and contractors.”

Gaining the Supreme Award also served to give the winners added confidence in their work. “We had a feeling the project was special, but it’s wonderful to have it confirmed by your peers,” he said.
Dr Andrew Barrie


Showcase your examples of timber design excellence!  Both local and international companies will be looking to New Zealand for timber design inspiration in 2017/18.

This is New Zealand’s only Timber Design Award event and allows engineers, architects, architectural designers and builders to showcase innovation using timber.

The new category this year “Multi-Storey Timber Building Design” has been added to showcase designs by Architecture and Engineering Students.

Entering the 2018 NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards will demonstrate your company’s expertise and innovations amongst your peers.  more information

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