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18 Jan 2018
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Dear WPMA Members,
A Happy New Year to you all.
2018 has already started strongly for WPMA:

  • You may have seen (click here) a press article published last week stating WPMA's case for a fair market for logs in NZ.  As the top issue for our membership we will continue to beat this drum loudly in 2018.  At the end of last year the NZ Government took solid steps towards this goal with changes to the Overseas Investment Act.  We will be asking a law firm specialising in the area of overseas investment regulation to let us know what the new OIA investment conditions and ministerial guidance should now mean for NZ wood processors and  manufacturers.  We'll post a briefing to you on this asap.  Minister Shane Jones stated at the WPMA Industry Roundtable in late November that this Government will not see any NZ wood processor or manufacturer suffer as a result of the prevailing market conditions.  We will continue to work closely with Ministers and officials this year to ensure that the playing field is leveled and competition is fair. Give me a call for an update (021 890 624).
  • Very good news at the end of the year relating to the NZ Timber Design Guides.  The Forest Growers' Levy Trust (FGLT) agreed to match the funding that WPMA has already put up to write these NZ-specific guides.  Many thanks to the FGLT and a very timely investment given the Government's push for a new 100,000 houses and the manifesto-intent to bring in a Wood First policy to guide public procurement.  Andy van Houtte is leading this work for WPMA and he is reporting co-funding interest from government agencies, research organisations, other industry associations as well as your own companies. Support is strong and the  stars do seem to be aligning on this in 2018.  Call Andy for an update (021 998 834).
  • Another major area for WPMA is technical standards.  Technical managers across the WPMA membership will know that NZS3640 and 3602 went out for public consultation just before Christmas.  Jeff Parker is managing the WPMA response to this consultation in conjunction with the WPMA Technical Committees. ?It appears that there are issues which will be of interest to several sectors of our membership. Give Jeff a ring for an update (027 450 5025).
  • The Environmental Product Declaration project is progressing well, with data having been contributed by project members and currently being processed by the consultants Thinkstep?.
  • Remember also that the NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards will be happening later in the year.  Every year we get more entries to this prestigious event.  Let's hope that 2018 is another record-breaker.  Debbie Fergie will keep you all posted on this across the next few months as she manages    entries and judging.  If you want more information on the Awards or other WPMA regional promotional events then Debbie can be reached on 021 807 002.

WPMA membership enquiries, questions on the running of the WPMA Board and its procedures and links to wider industry groups/government departments then please call Jeanette Sutherland on 04 473 9220. 

We start as we mean to go on - with purpose and energy.  I hope the year has begun well for you too.

Best regards,
Jon Tanner

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