The WPMA membership spans the whole wood supply chain post forest gate.  We turn a commodity - logs into high value end products and take them to markets in NZ and globally.  WPMA members produce pulp, paper, sawn lumber, panels, laminated products and mouldings.  Increasingly our members are also producing or have the potential to produce biochemicals, biofuels, textiles and bio composite materials.   Whether making traditional wood products or biotechnological materials the industry does so as a net sequesterer of greenhouse gases.  WPMA members thus represent New Zealand’s best example, working at large scale, of what a low carbon / high value output economy looks like.

Current membership of WPMA includes companies involved in the:

  1. Manufacture of pulp and paper
  2. Manufacture of engineered wood products
  3. The production of round wood and sawn lumber
  4. Manufacture of wood based panels:

Membership of WPMA is open to all companies involved in wood processing and manufacturing. WPMA welcomes new members.

For more information contact WPMA on 04 473 9220 or email:

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