WPMA Board Meeting Dates 2018:


  • 6th March - WPMA Office Boardroom, 32 Salamanca Road, Kelburn (next to Met Service upstairs)
  • 28th May - The Wellington Club
  • 5th September - The Wellington Club
  • November - The Wellington Club + AGM (date to be advised)



WPMA Constitution

A copy of the current WPMA Constitution can be downloaded here (updated November 2017)


WPMA Board


Brian Stanley - Chair of WPMA
Recently Retired General Manager, Fibre - Oji Fibre Solutions (formerly CHH Pulp & Paper)

Brian is the Chairman of the Wood Processors & Manufacturers Association of New Zealand and Board Member of the Wood Council of New Zealand.

Brian has a senior management background associated with the forestry and pulp and paper industries in New Zealand.  He had a 15 year career with the NZ Forest Service prior to joining Fletcher Challenge Limited in 1978 where he held a number of senior management roles at the Tasman Pulp & Paper Company Limited Kawerau mill. In early 2000 Brian joined Carter Holt Harvey Limited where he is currently employed as General Manager, Fibre. 

Brian served in the NZ Fire Service as a volunteer fire officer for a period of 35 years attaining the rank of Chief Fire Officer.  He was elected to the executive of the United Fire Brigades Association of New Zealand in 1990, served as President in 1993/94 and was elected a Life Member of that Association.

In the 1995 New Year Honours List Brian was awarded the Queen’s Fire Service Medal for his work associated with the Fire Service and kindred organisations. 

In 1997 Brian was appointed to the NZ Fire Service Commission where he served as Deputy Chairman until completion of his appointed term.  He has also served as a Director on a number of companies and as Chairman and Trustee on a number of Maori Trusts.

Tom Boon - Vice Chair of WPMA
CEO, Taranakipine, New Zealand

Tom has been a part of the New Zealand forest industry for over 25 years.  He joined Taranakipine in 2007 as CEO after a long career within corporate forestry and wood processing companies in both NZ and Australia. 

Originally staring his career as a forester, Tom after a few years became interested in the conversion of the trees he was growing into high value finished wood products.  This interest has not waned and Tom now leads Taranakipine which specialises in the manufacturing and marketing of engineered pine building products.  His ambition for a successful and durable NZ wood manufacturing industry has led him to also become actively involved in industry wide activities and is the Vice Chair of the Wood Processors & Manufacturers Association.

Owen Griffiths
Director, TimberLab Solutions Ltd               

Owen Griffiths is the Marketing Director of Timberlab Solutions NZ’s largest manufacturer and exporter of structural Glulam.  He has been involved for over 40 years in the development and manufacture of structural timber solutions. In November 2012 McIntosh Timber Laminates, who had pioneered the manufacture of Glulam in New Zealand for over 54 years, and TimberBond Industries who specialised in residential Glulam applications and engineered timber midfloor solutions, merged  to form TimberLab Solutions Ltd.

Specialising in laminated timber, he has been involved in expanding the international awareness of NZ Glulam’s potential as a prime structural design option.  His company has been at the leading edge of Glulam development in NZ since their beginning in 1957 and has a long standing commitment to design detail, innovation and quality in service and production. Recent commissioning of NZ’s first 5 axis CNC Bridge marks another milestone.

Timberlab provides Glulam and contemporary engineered timber solutions including LVL post tensioned structures for building projects throughout New Zealand and, significantly, to offshore markets. Owen has been instrumental in introducing NZ Glulam structures to a number of overseas markets including The Pacific, Australia, Hong Kong, Asia, North Africa, The Middle East and Mediterranean.

Owen has served as Chairman of the NZ Timber Certification Board and is a past president of NZ Pine Manufacturers Association, on executive council of the New Zealand Timber Design Society and past board member of Woodco. He has presented various papers and spoken at a number of international seminars on timber design.

Doug Ducker
Managing Director, Pan Pac Forest Products Limited, New Zealand

Pan Pac Forest Products Limited is a fully integrated forestry company based in the Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand and owned by Oji Green Resources of Japan.

Pan Pac operations include:

  • Forestry/Logistics managing the company’s 35,000 hectare forest estate
  • Lumber with capacity to produce over 400,000m3 per annum of sawn timber primarily for export
  • Pulp producing over 280,000 tonnes per annum of thermo-mechanical pulp for Shareholders Oji as TMP, and also BCTMP pulp grades for the open market.

Doug Ducker has been Managing Director of Pan Pac Forest Products since 2004 – following service with the company in roles including process engineering, technical R & D, project management and production management.

He has been a councillor of Japan New Zealand Business Council over the last 9 years and is a Director of the Wood Processors Association.  He was also Chair of the Wood Council of New Zealand from its inception until November 2013.

Tim Rigter
General Manager – Red Stag Timber

I started in the sawmilling industry 27 years ago at the Rainbow Mountain operation that was then managed by Tasman lumber. Tasman Lumber at that  time was in the Fletcher Building Division of Fletcher Challenge Ltd. I started out as the Site accountant and 3 years later was the site manager. At around that time we became Fletcher Challenge Forests. I was Site Manager of both the sawmill and round wood operations for 7 years.

In 1996 I was asked to take on the role of Site Manager of Waipa Sawmill , then owned by the Central North Island Forestry Partnership. Waipa mill and Kaiangaroa Forest were put into receivership in 2001. The sawmill was sold off separately from the forest in Dec 2003 and re-branded as Red Stag Timber. I was appointed to the broader role of General Manager of Red Stag Timber at that time. I have been on the board of WPA for the past 5 years. I have also recently been on the boards of the Wood Council of NZ and the previous forestry ITO , Fitec.  I currently represent the WPA on the Timber Quality Scheme that is being set up to ensure that the quality of structural timber is being manufactured fit for purpose by all manufactures in NZ.

Jon Ryder
CEO, Oji Fibre Solutions (formerly CHH Pulp & Paper), New Zealand

Jon Ryder is currently the CEO of Oji Fibre Solutions, Paper and Packaging division as such he has direct responsibility for all activities of these businesses, Health Safety and Environment , EBIT,  manufacturing, engineering, sales and marketing and strategic development.  Jon has gained  over 25 years experience in the Forestry, Pulp and Paper business and his interest in the Industry started from his  Biochemistry degree from Manchester University and then a PhD from UMIST in Pulp and Paper Manufacturing. 

Jon’s career has spanned International boundaries starting in the UK in Technical and production management of fine coated papers mills, then in NZ with Packaging  Paper Manufacturing at Kinleith and then Pulp mill management experience at Tasman. A short spell in Australia in general management looking after multiple manufacturing facilities with sales and marketing responsibilities. He came to his senses and moved back to New Zealand nearly 2 years ago to take up the challenge with CHH PPP.

Mark Taylor
General Manager NZ operations, Tenon Clearwood Ltd

I have close to 30 years experience within the Industry including leadership roles in:

  • Primary Processing
  • Remanufacturing including FJ / Solid Lineal Mouldings / Clear Pine Board / Outdoor products  
  • Distribution and Sales ( including providing finished high grade products through to large format DIY stores in the USA and Australia)
  • Managing a businesses with a strong export focus  over a prolonged period of time      

I am extremely passionate about driving a culture of Zero Harm across our operations at Taupo and am very supportive of wider industry safety initiatives.

I have sat on the board of the WPA since 2009 and have made constructive and “experience based” contributions during that time.

As one of the largest employers in Taupo I am very aware of the need for a growing, profitable, vibrant, industry and the potential this sector has to achieve this. I am keen to show strong leadership in the new WPMA and with a sound knowledge of all aspects of the industry feel I can make a constructive contribution

David Christensen our General Manager Sales and Marketing for CHH Wood Products

David is a senior executive with 26 years’ experience in Sales and Marketing, with 10 of those years spent in the timber industry working for Australasia’s largest Woodproducts manufacturer. 

He has overall responsibility for the development and execution of the market strategy for both our domestic and export businesses and covers a broad portfolio of market segments including Timber, Ply and LVL.

Charged with bringing innovative new products to market to challenge traditional offerings, David works closely with our production and technical teams and alongside customers and business partners to find market solutions for timber products.  David is a key member of the leadership team reporting to the WPNZ Chief Executive.

Rounding out his experience is his long tenure in the petrochemicals industry with ExxonMobil Corp where he joined after finishing study.  Senior roles included; Retail Operations Manager for Mobil’s company owned and operated service stations, Mobil Brand Manager for New Zealand, New Caledonia and Fiji, reporting through to the Singapore Asia Pac office.

Along with extensive market experience, David also holds a Grad Dip Marketing from Massey University. David has a collaborative and engaged management style but is not afraid to challenge the status quo.  A key and valued member of our team, which we encourage you to take this opportunity to utilize his skills and experience for the wider timber industry.


Mark Hansen

Managing Director - Rosvall Sawmill Ltd

Managing Director and 50% shareholder in Rosvall Sawmill Ltd.  We are a successful pruned sawmill located in Whangarei with export markets in Australia, USA and Pacific Islands.

I have served on the WPA board before from 2007 to 2012.  I joined the board at a time when LOSP treatment in house framing was an issue and I was keen to assist with the working groups to lead the Industry to a better place being the whole development and acceptance of dry boron treatment for NZ house frames.

My interest in serving on the WPMA board again with a particular interest in working with Industry Leaders and Government connections in relation to Security of Supply of our forests to wood processors.

I have good connections with Moari Land owners in Northland and am aware of some of the opportunities this brings to our industry.

My general knowledge is extensive of the whole industry and am very aware how we are all rather inter-dependant on each other for growth to happen and successful business to succeed.

I have had a life time experience working in the wood processing industry with a lot of experience around Treating, Milling and Marketing from a pruned sawmill.

My strong interest in R&D included five years on the SWI (Solid Wood Initiative) board which was a Science consortia working in the wood processing space.

I am also trained in accountancy but wear my sawmill wood processing hat most of the time.

Gary Caulfield - CEO XLam

Gary has over 30 years experience in the commercial construction industry, across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. The last 13 having been based in New Zealand working within the pre-fabrication sector. Past Chair of PrefabNZ, Gary has been involved in the majority of NZ’s pre-fabrication projects.

XLam is the first manufacturer of cross laminated timber in the Southern Hemisphere. XLam’s vision is to be the leading provider of sustainable solutions for commercial and residential construction throughout New Zealand, Australia and beyond, focusing on the use of branded CLT and derivative products.

Commencing his career as a site manager in Scotland, Gary progressed into the PPP sector, did management and business development across a variety of commercial construction projects. Since moving to new Zealand with his family in 2004, Gary has been involved in a number of notable projects both in the green sector and off-site fabrication sector. In 2016 Gary took over as CEO of Xlam following the purchase of XLam by the Hyne family.


Alan Hartley - General Manager of Niagara Sawmilling Co Ltd

Alan Hartley has been in the timber industry for the last 39 years, and has worked in a number of organisation during that time ranging from small country sawmills to his current role as General Manager of Niagara Sawmilling Co Ltd, one of the larger privately owned sawmilling and timber Remanufacturing companies in New Zealand.

His focus for the last 25 years has been in Remanufacturing and in the last 18 months has been heavily involved in the design and purchase of a large optimising and finger jointing line. 

Alan is passionate about the industry and believes there is a huge amount of unrealised value throughout the supply chain from the forest to the consumer.  

He also believes that forming strong alliances with distribution partners is going to be vital as consolidation of channels to the consumer continues.

Alan lives in Ashburton with his wife of 39 years, has two children and two grandchildren, and enjoys motor bike riding, spending time with his grandchildren, the odd bit of fishing and watching sport.

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